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What is an EMG test?

What is an EMG test?

Your doctor has just ordered a test called an EMG. EMG stands for Electromyogram which loosely translated means electrical testing of muscles but in fact has come to mean electrical testing of nerves and muscles. The EMG is performed by a specialist, the Electromyographer, who is usually a Neurologist or a Physiatrist. Parts of the […]

What is Ulnar Neuropathy

What is Ulnar Neuropathy

WHAT IS INVOLVED Ulnar Nerve LOCATION Most frequently at the Elbow from leaning on it or trauma. COMMON SYMPTOMS – Weak hand, dropping objects, difficulty turning keys, ignition, doorknobs – Numbness/tingling fourth, fifth fingers – Wasting of the interosseii muscles – Occasional elbow soreness – Symptoms not related to night/daytime – Frequently on both sides […]

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

WHAT IS INVOLVED Median Nerve at the wrist LOCATION The Carpal Tunnel, at the wrist COMMON SYMPTOMS – Worse in the dominant hand – Dropping objects – Numbness tingling, hand/wrist —-> Thumb, Index and/or Middle finger – May radiate up the arm, occasionally to the shoulder – Symptoms primarily at night. Patient wakes up and […]

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