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Cost effective training…

We have had a very positive experience with CloudEMG. We received onsite training that was cost effective in terms of training us not only for NCV testing but also with the new equipment. We were up and running immediately. I expect NCV testing and CloudEMG services to continue to have a positive impact in terms of helping our patients and our practice.

Caroline Hernandez, M.D.
San Antonio, TX

A valuable addition to my practice…

Dr. Jabre’s CloudEMG service and the ease of its use are a valuable addition to my practice. The hands-on instruction style and availability to answer staff questions make the transition very easy.

Bliss W Clark, M.D.
Clark Orthopedics & Rehabilitation, Harlingen, TX

Staff always responded promptly to any questions

I was introduced to CloudNeuro/CloudEMG approximately 9 months ago. During that time I’ve performed about 200 nerve conduction velocity/electromyogram studies on patients with a wide variety of pathologic conditions. I’ve found the equipment, training, and follow-up support to be of the highest standards. As a practicing physican for over 30 years I know when a company is dedicated to providing its client the best service possible. It’s very clear this company has carefully considered every possible aspect of their product’s utilization and the interface with physicians and assisting staff.

TeleEMG provides excellent in-person, written and video training. Their staff has always responded promptly to any questions about equipment, interpretation of results, exam techniques, or billing issues. The examination results and interpretations are immediately available, clearly presented and patient ‘friendly’.

The Focus EMG machine & CloudEMG are very easy to use and the software has clearly been designed with the examiner in mind. In short, I have found my experience with TeleEMG to be overwhelmingly positive. I can recommend their products and services without reservation.

Marc Cubeiro, M.D.

Feels like we have a neurologist on staff

Providing nerve conduction studies to my patients in my office has increased patient satisfaction and convenience. I am able to provide a rapid diagnostic work up and therefore able to treat quickly. With in house testing I am able to control the quality of the studies without having to depend on mobile services.

Our experience with Dr. Jabre and the TeleEMG team are excellent. They are very patient with my staff and provides rapid answers to questions. My technician feels like we have a neurologist on staff. Highly recommended!

Gerardo Quinonez, M.D., P.A.
Internal Medicine of Boynton Beach, FL

Faster and more efficient testing

The CloudEMG service is great. TeleEMG’s staff came right to my office and trained my tech and helped set up the equipment. Before that, I used a national company and was a prisoner to their schedule.

Now I can get this test performed faster and more efficiently for my patients right in my office rather than waiting a month for the procedure and then another week or two for the report! The results are instantaneous with the CloudEMG service and they give me an explanation of the report along with the appropriate CPT codes for billing.

Kurt Datz, D.O.

I am extremely satisfied and would recommend

I am the proud owner of an EMG/NCV machine purchased from Monique McKittrick of TeleEMG. My experience with Monique and her company has been excellent. Not only am I impressed with the quality of the technology, but the training, service, and support have collectively been outstanding. I am so satisfied that I have recommended Monique and TeleEMG’s CloudEMG service to all of my colleagues. Additionally, my experience with the response from our payors has been flawless due to the quality and comprehensive reporting that result from completed tests. Most important is the confident relationship I have established with Monique that has proven her true commitment to customer service at the highest possible level.

I am extremely satisfied and would recommend TeleEMG to any practitioner who requires EMG/NCV testing in their practice.

Thank you Monique and TeleEMG!
Dr. Rick L. Letts

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