Staff always responded promptly to any questions

I was introduced to CloudNeuro/CloudEMG approximately 9 months ago. During that time I’ve performed about 200 nerve conduction velocity/electromyogram studies on patients with a wide variety of pathologic conditions. I’ve found the equipment, training, and follow-up support to be of the highest standards. As a practicing physican for over 30 years I know when a company is dedicated to providing its client the best service possible. It’s very clear this company has carefully considered every possible aspect of their product’s utilization and the interface with physicians and assisting staff.

TeleEMG provides excellent in-person, written and video training. Their staff has always responded promptly to any questions about equipment, interpretation of results, exam techniques, or billing issues. The examination results and interpretations are immediately available, clearly presented and patient ‘friendly’.

The Focus EMG machine & CloudEMG are very easy to use and the software has clearly been designed with the examiner in mind. In short, I have found my experience with TeleEMG to be overwhelmingly positive. I can recommend their products and services without reservation.

Marc Cubeiro, M.D.

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